Meredith Donaldson / meredithelainedonaldson@gmail.com

Employment Status: 1099 Contractor

Must be able to work in the oklahoma city office


  • $100 per week for 8 hours of assistant work

  • Assistant can participate in the travel advisor mentorship program and if so he or she will have the ability to earn commission on top of their weekly earnings

Job Description

World Citizen is growing and in need of a part-time assistant to help manage operational details of the travel agency business. Working part time at World Citizen will give the contractor an opportunity to get an inside look into a career in travel. The part-time assistant will be expected to work in the office with owner. Remote work can be discussed depending on experience.

What you’ll gain from working at World Citizen:

  • How to plan a fabulous trip for you and your friends

  • The essentials of providing exemplary customer service.

  • How to utilize the tools and technology of the Travel and Tourism industry.

  • An insider’s look into the how to of “marketing a travel destination.”

  • The inner-workings of a travel management company.

  • Exclusive insight from travel vendors representing hotels, airlines, and cruises.

  • How to hone multitasking abilities within a fast-paced, deadline driven environment

  • Invaluable perspective from experienced travel consultants.

What the job looks like...

Assisting the owner with the following:

  • Research

    • Could be finding usable commercial free photos to add to client travel itineraries, researching new restaurants in Paris, finding out how to get to Platform 9 ¾ etc..

  • Data Entry

    • Need you to copy and paste data from one source (email, word doc, google doc, etc) to another source (data management system, Trello, email). All you need to know is Ctrl + C & Ctrl + P

  • Itinerary creation (see data entry description above)

  • Client Management Software

    • Prepare and edit client contracts and help maintain a healthy and organized client database

  • Social Media - Instagram

    • https://www.instagram.com/worldcitizentravel/

    • Helping to organize the editorial calendar and scheduling posts

    • Content Creation/Proposal: May have you scan through my travel photos and trips to source eye catching visuals and then write short copy for the post. This is will be an on-going project and your suggestions will most likely be included in the director social marketing plan.

  • Admin work

    • Transcribe/print notes from client meetings onto Trello

    • Enter in business card client information

    • Dog walking / set up office for client meetings

    • Basically anything owner needs help with in order to be able to spend time working on the business


  • Able to work at least 15-20 hours per week

  • The ability to copy and paste data from one document to another software platform.

  • The ability to make a phone call.

  • Know how to navigate both MS Word and Google Suite

  • Social media knowledge - if you don’t play on Instagram, you won’t like this job.


Looking for a creative HUSTLER who knows how to get sh*t done, does not wait until the last minute to explain that a deadline won’t be met, is ANAL about details and wants to learn more about the travel industry.

About The Boss:

-       Luxury Travel Advisor Trendsetter 2017

-       Travel Agent Central Top 30under30 Travel Advisors

-       Advisor for Signature Travel Network’s Embark Committee for new to industry advisors

*assistant will be eligible to participate in the travel advisor mentorship program where he or she will learn the basics of the travel advisor world.